A Fantastic Custom Logo for Your Business Is Really Important

Are you planning to start a new business? Want a customized logo for your organization? Worrying about how to make a logo?

What is a logo?

Logo plays a vital role in branding a business or company. They are graphic symbols or designs which are used by commercial industry or organizations and even by individuals to promote their venture. Beginning a business fosters the requirement of logos. Logo plays the central part of any identification process which leads to business communications. They are the visual identity of any organization.

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Types of a logo

Nowadays you will come across many different types of logos. A logo is the first thing which your customer probably sees when they come across your business. Thus, few types of logos have been discussed below.

  • Symbol –

These are the simple types of logos which come boldly. Companies use these simple logo as the main one and alternatively uses a more flashy version of the logo also. Apple and Mercedes use this type of simple symbol logo which is easy to recognise.

  • Word mark–

These are the styled logos with custom fonts. They spell out the brand name which helps in marketing and branding. Facebook and Sony use this kind of logo.

  • Letter Mark –

These logos are typographic. They use symbols which either represent their company name or is their initial/first name of its brand. It is prefered by most of the companies having long names. Long names distract people on many ways, thus using this kind of logos can ease up to remember a particular brand. General Electric and Hewlett-Packard use this type of logo.

  • Combination mark –

These logos are a combination of two different types of logos, i.e. a symbol and a wordmark. They give a distinct look to the logo with flexibility in appearance. Adidas and Sprint is an excellent example of this type of logo.

  • Emblem –

These type of logos consists of designs where the company name is encased within the design. NFL and Starbucks is a good example of this type of logo.

Why choose Way Function Logos?

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